Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises For Seniors And The Elderly

Shoulder Press Lying Down

Shoulder rehabilitation exercises for seniors and the elderly, like the shoulder press lying down, is essential in building your upper body and back strength.

This will help when you need that extra bit of power to push open that heavy department store door or when reaching across the table to pick up the turkey plate!

Having a strong chest is more important than you may realize in our daily life. A strong chest will help push up from a chair for example.Also simply carrying a handbag or suitcase in our hand can be helped by strong chest muscles.

Give the exercise below a try. Make sure you keep your breathing regular (don’t hold your breath) and move in a controlled manner.

Purpose of this exercise

Improve the mobility of your shoulder and chest. Increase your strength when reaching forward or lifting with two hands.

Step 1

Lie on your back on your bed or the floor. Position head, torso and buttock flat on the surface. Hold weights in your hands with your elbows bent at 90 degrees.


Step 2

Lift arms up toward the ceiling pointing elbows out. Return to the starting position and repeat 10 times.



Inhale during the upward movement phase. Exhale during the downward movement phase.


Make sure your are able to get up from the floor before trying this position. Don’t hold your breath.Grip the weights with a light to medium pressure. Keep forearms parallel.Push weights to full elbow extension.

Take it up a notch

Raise your shoulders off the surface during the upward movement. Try this with an elastic band. Simply place it behind your back before lying down. When lowering weights, touch your outer chest.

How to do Shoulder Press Lying Down

How to do Shoulder Press Lying Down

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