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What Others Are Saying About The Program

“...we can all get more fit and healthier as we age.”

"Wonderful information! I’m 69, have finally admitted to myself how sedentary I am and how much I need this kind of workout, and just started using some of these exercises yesterday and doing between four and eight reps of each as that’s all I can manage because that’s how limited I’ve become. Thank you and bless you for being so generous and putting these workouts out there for free so regardless of the financial limitations so many retirees have, we can all get more fit and healthier as we age."

Bill Monroe
- Ebook User

We cannot be happier..."

“Hi Doug ,I want to thank you again for your wonderful ebook. My mom has used all of them. Arm strengthening is her favorite. She has been doing it for one year and her arms can stretch high without bending now. It benefits her whole body tremendously. We cannot be happier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Cindy Lee
- Ebook user