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Chair Walking Balance Exercises

In past articles I talk about the three systems involved with our balance; eyes, ears, and feet. In todays balance exercises, I talk about how we use our eyes to balance which is pretty self-explanatory. By ears I am referring to our vestibular system in our ears which keeps our head level which in turn […]

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Calf Raises For Seniors

Today I had a conversation with a patient of mine about swelling in her legs. She asked what exercise was good for ankle and leg swelling. Well, I just so happen to have a great exercise for that very situation. They are called calf raises or more precisely heel raises. When we think about the […]

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Shoulder and Back Stretch for Seniors

Remember the old water well hand pump? Fortunately, my viewing audience for is of the age that maybe even they had one at home! Hand pumps are a wonderful illustration of using a lever. When we push down on one end, we suck up water from the well on the other end. In other […]

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