Balance and Dizziness Exercises for Seniors

Ok, you are at Walmart pushing your cart down the pharmacy isle. You are looking at one side and it is full of pain relievers, aspirin, pain rubs etc. On the other side are the humidifiers, blood pressure cuffs and diabetic supplies. You look left at the ibuprofen, then right at the Ben Gay. Suddenly you feel like a wave of dizziness quickly comes upon you. Fortunately you are holding on to your cart. Otherwise it is possible you would stagger and knock over a display of sleep aids in the isle. What caused that sudden bout of dizziness? Let’s just say it is part of growing older. Your vestibular system in your ears is not what it used to be. Why, when you were younger you could stand on the top of a hill and spin around quite safely without falling down. Now a simple trip to the drug store becomes a spinning experience. That is why you need these balance and dizziness exercises for seniors.

Gaze Stabilization

Try this exercise to regain some of your former self. It uses the eyes to follow your finger in order to practice looking around without getting dizzy. This is because sometimes there is a disconnect between your eyes and your brain. They are not talking to each other for some reason. This exercise tries to reestablish this communication and make your looking around less problematic. Give it a try, then get over to your favorite big box store and look around as you go down the isle.

Coach Doug

Doug Schrift is a Physical Therapist, Certified Geriatric Specialist, and senior fitness coach. Doug helps seniors become strong and stable even if they have never exercised before.