Month: January 2017

Dick Curtis and Mary Tyler Moore

In memory of Mary Tyler Moore passing away January 25th, I had to post my great encounter with Dick Curtis last year. He is well-known for his appearance on The Dick Van Dyke show where Laura blurts out an embarrassing secret on a national television quiz show. Dick is the owner of one of my favorite places to stay in Sedona Arizona, the Baby Quail Inn. Dick was gracious to let us video in his breakfast room and talk about his beginning in show business, and his running career. My wife filmed on her iphone and you will see signed photos...

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Vital exercises for those with limited mobility

In today’s world of health conscious celebrities and fitness personalities, we may overlook a very large part of our world that lives with limited mobility. Individuals with limited mobility may include seniors, disabled adults, and those with chronic medical conditions. These people can be very close to us, including our siblings, our parents, grandparents, and relatives. How can these very special individuals build and maintain their muscle mass, increase range of motion, and improve coordination?  How can they keep their independence, enjoy their hobbies, and be a positive influence for others? The answer is exercise.  The National Institute on...

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