Stretching Techniques For Seniors And The Elderly

Hip Side Stretch

Stretching techniques for seniors and the elderly exercisers are designed primarily to improve function in older adults. There are minimum ranges that we must use for many of our daily activities.

For example, you need to raise your arm to at least shoulder height to put on a shirt. Your knee must bend at least 90 degrees (like an L shape) in order to go up stairs.

In other words, good stretching techniques for older adults will stress improving what we call the end range. That is the farthest point your joint will go when reaching overhead for example.

So to get  your shirt on you will have to work on getting your arm to raise to at least your shoulder height. Stretching techniques for the hip shown in this video are for the side hip.

Purpose of this exercise

This is a good stretch for the side hip area. Improve the range of motion of our hips. Also can help with balance.

Step 1

Stand next to a wall about 12 inches away. Your left side facing the wall.


Step 2

Cross your right leg over your left leg. Bring your left hip in toward the wall. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds. Then repeat crossing your left over your right.Bring your right hip in toward the wall.



Continue to breathe normally, in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Bring just your hips into the wall. Keep your upper body erect.Take a small step when crossing the legs.

Take it up a notch

Stand on a higher surface, like a phone book, for a deeper stretch.

How to do Side Hip Stretch

How to do Side Hip Stretch

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