Calf Muscle Stretches For Seniors And The Elderly

Calf Stretch

Calf muscle stretches for seniors and the elderly like the calf stretch below are vital to maintain the flexibility of your legs. This exercise can easily be performed by seniors using a wall or chair to lean on.

Try this stretch before your take your daily walk to improve your ankle and knee movement. I’m sure you have seen runners out on the street, leaning against a building stretching their calf muscles.

Why? Usually they are trying to prevent injuring their calf muscle when they are running due to tightness. Stretching prepares the muscle for the activity it is about to do. Try it and feel the difference a stretched calf can make.

Purpose of this exercise

Targets the flexibility of your calf muscle and heel cord. Increases your ability to straighten your knee.

Step 1

Stand facing a wall.Place your hands on the wall.


Step 2

Step forward with your right foot. Lean your hips toward the wall.Keep your back leg straight, heel on the floor. Hold position for 20 to 30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.



Breathe normally, in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Use a chair if you need more balance support. Keep your toes pointing straight ahead. If you have pain in your ankle or calf, stop and try stretching again in your pain free range.

Take it up a notch

To improve your balance try holding on with one hand or even placing your hands on your hips.

How to do Calf Stretch

How to do Calf Stretch

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