Help With Posture For Seniors And The Elderly

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

Do you need help with posture for seniors and the elderly? To make sure your exercising is effective it is important to maintain good posture habits during your sitting and standing exercises.

No matter how well you perform your arm or leg exercises, if your posture is faulty your outcome may not be as good. When sitting try to position your lower spine in a neutral position by bringing  your pelvis forward and backward until a comfortable middle position is achieved.

Then bring your mid spine into neutral by moving your ribs and chest into a comfortable position. Finally move your chin forward and back until a comfortable position is attained.

When your spine feels nicely positioned in the chair, tighten up your abdomen and lift your ribs to begin your exercise session. A great exercise to help correct faulty posture is the shoulder blade squeeze exercise below.

This is a great  exercise to position your shoulders correctly below your ears and help bring your spine into a comfortable neutral posture.Need help with posture? Give it a try!

Purpose of this exercise

Helps position your spine in a comfortable neutral position. Corrects faulty posture by positioning your shoulders below your ears.

Step 1

Stand with your arms comfortably at your sides. Try to find a neutral spine position for your pelvis and mid back.


Step 2

Begin by bringing your shoulders back, then squeezing your shoulder blades together. Relax and return to the resting position. Repeat 10 times.



Inhale as you bring your shoulders back, lifting the ribs.

Exhale as you relax into the resting position, dropping  your shoulders.


Try not to arch your back when bringing your shoulders back. If it is hard to maintain good spinal posture when standing, try this exercise in the sitting position.

If you experience pain when squeezing your shoulder blades together, stop and relax your back. Try lying on a hot pack or stretching your shoulders before beginning again.

Take it up a notch

For the adventurous exerciser who needs help with posture, try this exercise while lying on your tummy.  To do this, place a pillow under your chest and relax letting your shoulders come forward.

Then slowly bring your shoulders back and together while bringing your head up at the same time. This is a great spinal extension exercise also.

How to do Shoulder Blade Squeeze

How to do Shoulder Blade Squeeze

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