Exercises To Improve Posture for Seniors

Spinal Extension

Some exercises to improve posture for seniors and the elderly emphasize spinal extension like the video below. This is a great posture exercise because extending the back will correct poor sitting and standing posture.

When we are not aware of our posture the shoulders will move forward, our back will slouch, our chin comes forward. Simply sitting up tall will help position our spine better, will move our head back, and bring our shoulders back.Spinal extension can be done sitting or standing.

I like to do this exercise sitting down because there is more control of our spine and better feedback from the chair as to how we are positioned. It is easier also to relax after straightening up. Think about keeping your pelvis in neutral alignment, lift the chest and ribs, and bring the shoulders back as you breathe in. Give it a try!

Purpose of this exercise

Helps correct faulty posture by bringing the spine into neutral, shoulders and chin back. Assists in the flexibility of the chest, improving respiration and lung functioning.

Step 1

Sit or stand with arms at sides. Maintain a neutral spine.


Step 2

Inhale as you slowly sit up as tall as possible. Then exhale slowly as you relax the back and chest. Repeat 10 times.



Inhale during the sitting tall movement phase. Exhale during the relaxing movement phase.


This exercise can also be performed standing. Concentrate on abdominal breathing, bring the air all the way down to your belly button. Keep your shoulders relaxed as you inhale and sit tall.

Take it up a notch

Exaggerate the movement by starting from a slumped position with shoulders forward, chin out and back rounded. Then inhale and sit tall, bring shoulders back, chin in and straighten the spine.

How to do Spinal Extension

How to do Spinal Extension

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