Correcting Bad Posture for Seniors

Shoulder Circles

Correcting bad posture exercises for seniors and the elderly like the shoulder circles exercise below can help with positioning your shoulders in the correct position.

I really like this exercise for this reason. Whenever you feel your posture slipping, feel your shoulders coming forward and chin slipping forward, try “setting” your shoulders with this exercise.

When you are at your desk for more than 20 minutes, take a break and lift your shoulders up, back, and down. Then keep your shoulders in this position for as long as you think about it. In another 20 minutes, set your shoulders again. Try it and feel how much better you are sitting or standing.

Purpose of this exercise

Improve the flexibility of your shoulders and rib cage.Helps bring your spine into a better erect posture.This is a great exercise to do to “set” your spine and shoulders during the day.

Step 1

Sit comfortably in a chair. Lift your ribs and relax your spine into a neutral position.


Step 2

Slowly raise your shoulders up, back and then down. Relax your shoulders and repeat 10 times.



Breathe normally, in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Try breathing in as you raise your shoulders, lifting the ribs. Never hold your breath when exercising.

Look straight ahead and focus on “setting” your shoulders in the back and down position which is a good posture habit.

Take it up a notch

This exercise can be done with one pound weights in your hands. You will need a chair without arms for this option.

How to do Shoulder Circles

How to do Shoulder Circles

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