Exercises For Good Posture For Seniors And The Elderly

Chin Tuck and Jut

Exercise for good posture for seniors and the elderly is vital to maintain when performing exercises when standing or sitting in a chair. While sitting in a chair, try to maintain a neutral spine in order to support your muscles in proper alignment.

Our vertebrae should be nicely stacked one on the other with a small lumbar curve.Think of lifting your ribs, then bringing your shoulders back and down to achieve good form. This will allow plenty of space for your lungs to expand and your respiratory muscles to do their job well.

Try this simple exercise below to begin your journey to good posture. Breathe normally while relaxing in a chair to perform the chin tuck and jut.

Purpose of this exercise

Provides good feedback on correcting faulty posture habits. Strengthens the cervical retraction muscles for better support of good posture.

Step 1

Begin by sitting comfortably in a chair. Relax your spine and lift your ribs.


Step 2

Slowly tuck your chin in, then down to your chest. Then continue the exercise by jutting your chin forward.Relax and return to a neutral position.



Breathe normally in through the nose and out through the mouth


Make sure you sit with your ribs lifted and shoulders back and down. Try looking down when bringing chin to chest, then straight ahead for chin forward position unless this makes you dizzy. Don’t hold your breath, breathe normally. Remember in step one to bring your chin back first, then down to your chest.

Take it up a notch

Take your finger and use it to push your chin back when beginning the exercise. This will bring your spine in the correct position before you move your chin to chest.

How to do Chin Tuck and Jut

How to do Chin Tuck and Jut

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