The Side Hip Raise

The side hip raise is a wonderful hip exercise for strengthening and balance. In this exercise, we perform alternating or pendulum hip movements which add to the challenge. Make sure you have a chair in front of you for safety and stability. Let’s get started!

About the Author Coach Doug

Doug Schrift is a Physical Therapist, Certified Geriatric Specialist, and senior fitness coach. Doug helps seniors become strong and stable even if they have never exercised before.

  • Pamela says:

    my husband was thrown from his horse about 20yrs ago. he has one hip lower than the other and has falling episodes because it throws off his balance. can you suggest some exercises to help strengthen his hips. he is 94yrs old. thank you so much

  • Dorothy M Wilson says:

    I came across these while searching for a way to walk upright again at 88- they have helped enormously – thank you for caring about we older folk – good job !

  • Marcia Falconer says:

    I am 74 and I do not like to be spoken to like a child.
    “Good job” is not something I need to be told. Especially not in that tone of voice.

  • maxine lesline says:

    Inspiring motivting… esp to see the old geezers behind Doug doing it all.

  • Monica Cordero says:

    that good work out

  • Michelle B. Brown-Mosley says:

    How can I purchase equipment to start building a gym for elder people?

    • Doug Schrift says:

      A good choice is hydraulic exercise equipment. This is safer for seniors and easier on the joints. There are many manufacturers online. Good luck!

    • I have been blogging on this issue. Getting home gym equipment is a good idea for seniors and overcomes some of the resistance to gym membership.

      This site is a great resource for exercises most suitable for the boomers, especially if you are just getting into regular exercise.

  • sylvia says:

    All these excises are good and I bought the videos, the best money I spent.

    • Above all these exercise i just want to know can a type of mattress effect our body structure because my grandpa facing some issue with their back and it also follow some exercise routine in early morning so i am confused that pain because of exercise which he followed or because the type of mattress. Please help !!! Thanks

  • Meta says:

    Looks like it is a great site.

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