Improve Your Balance with Senior Balance Beam Exercises

Some of the reasons seniors fall is due to walking on what we call uneven terrain. This may be in your back yard stepping over a hose, or in your garage walking over the threshold at the door. It is important to be able to lift your feet and step over objects without losing your balance. Today we will go over some exercises geared to work on lifting your feet and stepping on a soft surface. Watch the video and follow along with the exercises.
To make your own balance beam, take a blanket, fold it longways until you are left with about a 4 to 6 inch wide blanket. This will provide some instability for your feet and help to improve your stepping balance.

If you would like to use the balance beam in the video, there is a link below for Amazon. This is a great senior friendly balance beam.
I used this balance beam on grass for demonstration which made it extra unstable. Start on a solid floor to make it more stable. If you are using it on a hard floor, place a piece of non-slip material underneath.

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