How to Improve Your Balance With Ladder Drills

In today’s post, I’d like to show you how to improve your speed, agility, and balance using ladder drills. As with any balance exercise, they should focus on improving your ability to speed up, change directions, and react more quickly. These are controlled by three body systems. Your eyes, your vestibular system in your ears, and the sensation in your joints and the ability to sense where your feet, torso and arms are in space.

As you try these ladder exercises, think about starting slowly until you have the general feel of the steps involved with the exercise. Then gradually increase your speed. In other words, try the first exercise shown slowly until you are confident about how to step, then increase the speed your second time through.

You will get it with practice. Good Luck. I will link the ladder below just in case you like this exercise and would like to try it at home.