Senior And Elderly Balance Problems

Tandem or Staggered Stance

When we encounter elderly balance problems with ourselves or a family member, they are usually a result of generalized age-related declines in muscular and sensory functions.

I have made a great balance video that is fun and easy to do. All you need is a chair, comfortable loose fitting clothing,  and a pair of smooth bottom shoes to wear so you won’t catch your feet.

Read on then give it a try. After 50 years of age we begin to lose 10 percent of our strength per decade of life which can lead to elderly balance problems.

Daily balance exercises can help reduce the rate of decline. Many older adults will not only have balance changes due to aging but also experience declines because of medical conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts and peripheral neuropathy. In these cases it is vital to continue to work on improving your balance by daily exercises.

Practice everyday for elderly balance problems, try at least two balance exercises every day like the staggered stance exercise. To improve you or your family members elderly balance problems, we must address the cause.

As long as there is no other indication that the  problem is more serious, you can bet it is probably due to generalized age related changes. These are decreased lower body strength, decreased reaction times and inactivity.

Try this exercise for elderly balance problems which is great for improving balance, lower body strength and just plain old “too much sitting around”!

You will get the hang of it. Practice every day if you can.As I say, “practice makes….permanent!”. So don’t practice “inactivity” or you will get good at it! Good luck!

Purpose of this exercise

Improves our static or “standing” balance. Strengthens our ankles for greater ability to maintain our center of gravity.

Step 1

Begin with feet together and hands at sides.


Step 2

Step forward with your right foot. Maintain this position for 10 seconds.Alternate putting the other foot in front.



Breathe normally, in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Lift chest and look at the wall eye level. Hold on to a chair if needed.Practice with tape on the floor for more accuracy.

Take it up a notch

Try this with your eyes closed. Try turning at the waist while standing.Stand on a pillow for a more challenging workout.

How to perform Staggered Stance

How to perform Staggered Stance

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