Balance Exercise For Seniors And The Elderly

Heel To Toe

Balance exercise for seniors and the elderly, like the heel to toe below, can help in maintaining your center of gravity over your ankles. Below I have made a great balance video that is fun and easy to do.

All you need is comfortable loose fitting clothing,  and a pair of smooth bottom shoes to wear so you won’t catch your feet. Read on then give it a try.

Being able to stand or walk with a narrow base of support  is vital in keeping your balance, especially when moving. By narrowing your base of support, we will be challenging your ability to keep your center of gravity over your base of support, which is usually your ankles.

Start by holding on to a counter, a human being ( they call them family members) or even use a cane


This will give you the confidence to practice and focus your attention on the things that matter. This is an excellent balance exercise to perform every day because it is so easy to do and can be incorporated into your regular activities.

Start in the kitchen holding on to a counter. Simply place one foot in front of the other, heel to toe fashion until you run out of counter. Repeat up to 10 times.

And off you go! After you practice the balance exercise for a while, try looking ahead at eye level, without looking down at your feet. I know… it is so tempting to look at your shoes as they travel across the floor.

So let’s get started on our balance exercise! Make sure you get out all those jokes about failing the police sobriety test first! I’ve heard them all.

You will also notice I placed a strip of tape down on the floor. This is used as a visual cue. It helps to know where your feet should go. If you can’t walk on the line directly, simply walk with your feet as close as possible without actually stepping on the line.

Purpose of this exercise

Improves your balance with narrow stance position. Assists your dynamic or “moving” balance.

Step 1

Begin by standing with one foot in front of the other.


Step 2

Step forward placing one foot in line with the other. Continue to step placing right foot in front of left.



Breathe normally, inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth.


Wear smooth bottom shoes to reduce the chance of  your shoe to catch. Begin practicing in the kitchen holding on to a counter. Try holding on to someones  hand if you are not sure you can do this exercise.

Take it up a notch

Try lifting your chest and looking straight ahead when walking. Use tape on your floor to make a straight line to increase the difficulty.

How to do Heel To Toe

How to do Heel To Toe

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