Benefits of Exercise : Why You Need to Exercise Consistently

In today’s post I use some props to demonstrate the benefits of exercise. As I have said many times on, and in many email questions, we must be consistent with exercise or the benefits will eventually disappear. How is that possible? Watch this video and I will explain everything. Here are all the benefits of exercise that I mention in this video:

Increased flexibility and range of motion
Increased balance and coordination
Increased aerobic endurance
Better sleep
Better brain and cognitive function
Increased resistance to disease
Better fat to lean body composition
Better Posture
Helps fight osteoporosis
Improved posture
Improved lung function
Better ability to cope with stress
Decreased pain
Immune system support
Improved physical appearance
Improved heart function
Better digestion
Increase muscular speed
Improved mental health
Healthier glucose levels
Favorable lipid levels
Improved hormonal activities
Decreased blood pressure

Doug Schrift

Doug Schrift is a Physical Therapist, Certified Geriatric Specialist, and senior fitness coach. Doug helps seniors become strong and stable even if they have never exercised before.