Backward Walking For Increased Balance

Hi, this is Doug with another exercise for you. This one is called backward walking. Yes, that is it. Just walk backwards.

Here is one of my students showing you how to do it. The best idea is to find a wall where you can at least take ten steps in a row.

Start by holding on to the wall with one hand and begin walking backwards.  Turn around and walk backwards to your starting point.

Repeat this 4 times. That’s it. This activity is just great for your balance. Try to keep your eyes up as you walk.

If you are afraid to do this exercise, make sure there is someone with you for safety.

This exercise is so easy and so good for your balance; why not try it a few times a week. You will definitely notice an improvement in your balance as you go about your daily activities.

jumpUsually when I mention this exercise to seniors, I get the “look”. It is almost like a double-take. They gaze at me as if I just said I want them to jump rope.

No, I don’t want you to jump rope; I just want you to walk backward.

What does this help? Well, it certainly helps your confidence. Backing up is something you probably haven’t done since you were of a much younger age, say twelve!

It also helps your lower body coordination, helps your brain develop new patterns to keep you balanced, and helps you to rely more on your input from your feet than from your eyes.

Now, since you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, you are unable to see where you are going. That could be a problem.

So find a clear wall where you can at least take 10 steps, and give it a try!