Shoulder Stretches For Seniors And The Elderly

Shoulder and Upper Back Stretch

Then try this shoulder stretches exercise 10 times every day for a month and see the improvement.All through the day we need to lift our arms up to reach for things above our shoulders. Closing a window, reaching for our seat belt, opening a cabinet door.

Having a pain free motion is improved with shoulder stretches like this one. These can be performed in a chair or standing next to a chair. I like standing because you can also work on your balance.

This is a great limbering stretch to incorporate your breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth.Try to bring the air all the way down to your abdomen when breathing in.

Purpose of this exercise

Increases your shoulder and scapular range of motion. Stretches your chest and shoulder. Will make it easier to reach to that high shelf in your kitchen.

Step 1

Bring palms together in front of chest. ake a breath in through your nose.


Step 2

Exhale as you bring arms up. Straighten arms overhead with palms forward. Lower your arms out to the side and back to the starting position.



Exhale during the upward movement phase. Inhale during the downward movement phase.


Try to keep your forearms together as you raise your hands. Squeeze shoulder blades as you bring your arms down.Keep your chest raised.

Take it up a notch

Add one pound wrist weights to your arms to increase the workout. While in prayer position, stretch wrists back for few seconds.

How to do Shoulder and Upper Back Stretch

How to do Shoulder and Upper Back Stretch

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