Benefits of Stretching For Seniors And The Elderly

Shoulder Stretch

Benefits of stretching for seniors and the elderly. Not only are strength and endurance important for maintaining independence as we age, flexibility of our muscles and tendons are necessary for most functional activities.

If our motion is restricted in any way, shortening develops which decreases the range of motion in our joints. Benefits of stretching help improve the mobility of our “soft tissue” which includes muscle, skin and the connective tissue surrounding our muscles and joints.

It prepares us mentally for our activity and decreases the risk and/or severity of injury.

Purpose of this exercise

Helps stretch our shoulder, scapula and supporting muscles and joints.Improves our reaching ability especially across the body.

Step 1

Bring your left hand up onto your right shoulder. Support your elbow with your right hand.


Step 2

Gently pull left elbow toward right shoulder. When a stretch is felt, hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat with the other side. Gently pull right elbow toward left shoulder.



Breathe normally in through the nose and out through the mouth.


Try to keep your elbow at shoulder height. Lift your ribs. Stretching should feel pleasant, stop if there is joint pain.

Take it up a notch

Keep your elbow straight when pulling it back toward your shoulder.

How to do Shoulder Stretch

How to do Shoulder Stretch

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