Leg Toning Exercises For Seniors And The Elderly


Leg toning exercises for seniors and the elderly, like the lunge are important in preserving quad strength in older adults. This exercise is used for standing and balancing activities which maintain your independence and functional mobility.

Strengthening your standing muscles, which are called the quadriceps, is vital for basic movements like standing and walking. Make sure you try this exercise first holding on to a chair with one hand before trying it alone.

At first take a small step forward with on leg and slightly bend your knee. See how the strength in your leg feels before taking a larger step. Too large a step may make it difficult to regain a standing position due to weakness.

Purpose of this exercise

To strengthen your quadriceps and hips. Improve your ability to get out of a chair and balance. Help you with lifting chores around the house.

Step 1

Stand with arms at sides or on the hips. Keep feet shoulder width apart.


Step 2

Step forward keeping your trunk vertical. Push back up to the starting position. Repeat with each leg 10 times.



Exhale during the forward movement phase. Inhale during the backward movement phase.


Start  by stepping only a small distance from your other foot. Gradually increase as your comfort improves. Don’t bend your forward knee too deeply. Maintain good form throughout, lifting ribs when returning to the starting position.

Take it up a notch

Bend forward knee a little deeper. Look ahead at eye level when stepping forward. Turn head to the right, then turn head to the left. Use 2 to 5 pound weights in each hand.

How to do Lunges

How to do Lunges

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Resources Family Caregivers https://www.cdc.gov/steadi/pdf/STEADI-CaregiverBrochure.pdf