Hip Flexibility For Seniors And The Elderly

Partial Squats

Hip flexibility exercises for seniors and the elderly are important components of your daily program of stretching. Lower body flexibility training will improve your balance and add to your quality of life.

Increased flexibility in the hips will allow you to step higher, avoiding stumbling due to the inability to lift the leg high enough. Working on your strength in your thigh is important for standing up, getting out of a chair or out of a bathtub.

The partial squat exercise below is a classic and a standard leg strengthener and stretcher. Give it a try!

Purpose of this exercise

Increase your quadriceps strength and hip flexor strength. Improve your ability to get up from a chair and walk. Steady your body for better balance and safety.

Step 1

Stand, using a chair to balance yourself.


Step 2

Bend your knees as far as comfortable without pain. Return to the standing position and repeat 10 times.



Inhale during the upward movement phase. Exhale during the downward movement phase.


Breathe out as you bend your knees and breathe in as you stand tall again, lifting your ribs. Keep your body straight as you lower and raise yourself. Look forward and keep your heels in contact with the floor.

Take it up a notch

Use one hand, one finger or no hands to balance. Use 2 to 5 pound weights in each hand to increase the workout.

How to do Partial Squats

How to do Partial Squats

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