Aerobic Exercise For Seniors

Aerobic exercise for seniors is any activity that requires you to use large muscles in a rhythmic manner for a long period. This is also referred to as cardio or endurance exercise training.

Aerobic training is important because it does two things in our body. First, aerobic activity with make our heart beat faster because our heart needs to keep up with our bodies activity. It also increases our breathing rate to keep up with the demand.

  1. Marching
  2. Overhead Reach
  3. Hamstring curls
  4. Side Lunges
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Our first exercise is marching. This is the base movement for many aerobic exercises. Great way to begin and increase your heart rate and breathing gradually. Our overhead reach is another simple, non-impact cardio exercise working our legs and arms and emphasizing extending your body and increasing the stretch in the ribs and shoulders. Hamstring curls not only work on endurance, but help with balance, leg strength, and coordination as one foot is lifted toward the rear and then the other. Side lunges is primarily a leg strengthening exercise but will also positively improve your endurance and cardio.

Exercise 1

Marching. Begin by marching with knee lifts, swinging arms loosely at sides. Ribs are lifted, shoulders relaxed. Gradually lift knees higher. Start with 1 minute and work up to 5 minutes.

Exercise 2

Overhead Reach. With knees a little wider than shoulder distance, begin alternating arm raises. Perform gentle knee bends with a slight level change with the arm raises.

Exercise 3

Hamstring Curls with Arms. Begin by alternating heel to buttock movements with legs. Then add your arms for an overhead reach, then a front reach.

Exercise 4

Side Lunge/Squat. Begin with feet together. Take a step to the side and crouch into a semi-squat position. Return to center, then repeat on the other side. Bring tailbone back as if to sit on a chair, this will keep knees in proper form.

Some of the many benefits of aerobic exercise include, reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, helping manage arthritis, builds a strong heart, reduces the risk of strokes, improves mental focus, improves balance and lowers the risk of falls, improves your mood and overall quality of life.

The national institute of health recommends moderate aerobic activity on a daily basis to realize all the many benefits of exercise. Older adults should get at least 150 minutes a week. However, we know that in reality less that half of seniors exercise regularly.

Without exercise we may find it hard to do ordinary things like shopping, house cleaning, preparing meals, walking to the mailbox, gardening, or walking the dog.

Aerobic exercise for seniors are important elements of living a strong and stable life. Start small and work up to 20 or 30 minutes a day to get the amazing benefits of exercise. Make sure to warm up before your workout and cool down after your workout.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see other exercises or senior fitness content. You can leave your comments and suggestions on my About Page. Need personal help? Check out my new Academy. Exercise is really your magic pill to feel better and live longer. Remember to stay active, stay strong, and stay connected!

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