Hi. I’m Doug SchriftPhysical Therapist, Geriatric Specialist, and Senior Fitness Coach. I help seniors become strong and stable even if they have never exercised before.

I created eldergym.com in 2006 when I turned 50, and continue to help thousands of seniors each year remain independent and strong with free downloads, free exercises, helpful articles and podcasts

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3 Fun Facts

(You didn’t know about me)

I Ride My Bike to Work

Yes, I continue to work as a Physical Therapist in the Phoenix area and ride my bike to work daily.

I love Barbershop Singing

I enjoy the “Old Timey” Music of days gone by. Who needs instruments when you have 4 part harmony!

Plan to Walk Across America

Well, not a real fact, but something I plan on doing when I have more free time. ( Like 6 months free time! )

How we can help you

Regular Expert Content

We publish articles, podcasts and videos on a regular basis sharing proven fitness strategies advice. Check out our Youtube Channel

FREE Facebook Community

Join hundreds of fellow seniors to ask questions and get answers. Click here to join.

Eldergym Academy

Take your senior fitness to the next level with extensive courses, workouts, classes, tools, resources & support.


I am getting very weak, especially in the legs. What can I do?

This is one of the biggest challenges for seniors. Strong legs will help you stay independent and reduce your risk of falls. Sign up for my free 4 week senior fitness program here.

Do you sell any DVDs?

DVDs are currently not online this year, but I do have all my old DVD programs at Eldergym® Academy

Can you come speak to our organization?

I currently only have time to speak in the immediate East Phoenix area to senior communities and senior centers. 

Do you have any free stuff on this site?

Yes, you can view 100+ videos on exercise, covering all major muscle groups.

You can also sign up for my weekly newsletter and receive my free 4 week program.

Do you have a fall prevention program?

Fall prevention involves balance training, medication management, and home environmental evaluation. This website can help you with strengthening to improve your balance

What is the Academy?

The Academy is my private members only area which contains courses, workshops, workouts, live presentations, resources, all in video format for seniors to build strength and stability, reduce the risk of falls, and improve balance.

Access our extensive course library, workouts, classes, attend our monthly Live Q&A calls. 

I’m with you everyday in the community for assistance, guidance, and support.

Get feedback and support from fellow seniors and experts who will keep you on track.

Take a Tour of the Academy

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