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“they are great…!”

“I have already purchased these DVD’s, and they are GREAT. I wanted something to get my very sedentary 77 year old husband moving and stronger.
I’m 64 years old, and although the exercises are much easier for me, I can definitely feel the benefit!
We try to do them regularly along with an indoor walking DVD.
Thanks again for creating the most realistic DVD for seniors that I’ve ever seen.” –J

“concise, clear, safe..”

“I’m a certified personal trainer. I work full-time as a personal trainer; and I also work extra hours at a local Senior Center, helping the Center’s members learn how to use the exercise equipment, and write them exercise programs.
I have had a few requests lately for balance exercises; so I have spent a few hours lately looking for documents and pictures I could print-off for a few of our members.
I just wanted to send your website a big THANK YOU for the Eldergym Ebook. I have downloaded it and printed several pages of the balance exercises so our members will have a reference for those exercises.
Thank you SO MUCH for publishing the ebook and allowing others to download it for use. Speaking as a professional in the fitness field, it is concise, clear, safe for use, and visually helpful.
Thank you very much for your time and help in sharing that very resourceful ebook, free of charge. Have a great day!”–Julia

“My mother is 92..”

“My mother is 92 and has dementia. She uses the exercise DVD as her physical activity as she doesn’t get around much anymore.
After finishing one 30 minute DVD, she asked if there were anymore to do.”–dvd buyer

“getting us old folks moving..”

“I already sent a testimonial, but I’ll repeat…..anyone concerned about staying active, or getting back some better function should invest in these DVD’s.
I omitted buying the endurance one because we already have an at-home DVD (Leslie Sansone ), but now I’m wondering if my husband would like the Eldergym one better (not so many “hard-bodies” showing off their stuff!)Still might get it!
Thank you again for your commitment to getting us old folks moving!!”–dvd buyer

“Thank you Eldergym!..”

“I recently joined a gym and the trainer who was showing me how to use the machines was impressed with my endurance and flexibility.
I told him about my DVD’s I work with at home and he told me “to keep up the good work.” Thank you Eldergym!”–dvd buyer

“Doug makes the workouts fun!..”

“Doug makes the workouts fun! He is truly a master at functional fitness which is what we need as older adults.
Getting involved in the workouts makes you feel YOUNG and VIBRANT again because I could do it!!!!” –dvd buyer

“sent me a new one right away..”

“One of the DVD’s would only play for 7 minutes and then stop.
I emailed the website and they sent me a new one right away, no charge.” –dvd buyer

“great advice..”

–“This site is tailored for the seniors’ age group and gives some great advice for what fitness activities you should be focusing on in your age category. It also has a guide on the various medical conditions that you need to consider when choosing a fitness routine.”–Your Life Choices Magazine

“I just had to let you know..”

“I just had to let you know how much I enjoy your website and videos of exercises to help Balance, and Strength. I am using  your videos along with some other exercises to get myself back into shape. Thanks for your information and videos.” -D

“very impressed”

“I just ordered the endurance and flexibility dvd’s, after having my residents do the strength dvd for the first time today. They were very impressed and appreciated your clear instruction and the beneficial movements.”-C

“wonderful website..”

“I just found your website and am so excited to practice couple of your exercises with my Dad. Thanking you for this wonderful website..” -M

“You’ve got me back to exercising!!!”

“I feel I’ve really improved and really haven’t felt pain in my knees (arthritis and have had two replacements) and my hips which were the main reason I was reluctant to do the exercising I’ve done almost automatically all my life. You’ve got me back to exercising!!! Thanks.” -K

“..the kind I was searching for..”

Thanks, Doug, for your free exercises for old folks. I will soon be in my 89th year and know that I need exercising. Yours are the kind I was searching for and I thank you for them. I’ve already helped my difficulty in getting out of a chair easily. Again, my deep thanks.” -M

“wonderful addition to the PT”

“My 93 year old mother has been working hard to recover from a broken bone in her foot. Your exercises are a wonderful addition to the PT help she has had.” -J

“I haven’t found anything else like this!”

“Doug, THANK YOU for your awesome website, free book, videos! I have searched the internet high and low, and I haven’t found anything else like this!” -H

“I feel like you are right in the room with me”

“Dear Douglas,
Thank you so much for sending me a replacement copy of my tape that
didn’t work. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that you also sent
tapes on Balance. Your program is wonderful. This is the first
exercise program that I actually feel like doing, and I do faithfully. I
have fibromyalgia, and arthritis. The repetitions are just right. When
doing the exercises, I feel like you are right in the room with me,
giving me encouragement and telling me exactly what to do step by step.
Thank you, again.” -H

“I love doing Doug’s exercise”

“Hi Doug,
Your new DVD on leg strengthening has changed my mom’s life. She will get up at 5:00am every day to do your exercise. “I love doing Doug’s exercise” as she says,”because
When I first get up early in the morning my body usually feels little stiff after all night sleep. But every time when I finish Doug’s exercise I feel great. It loosens my joints and my muscles are un-tightened and I feel limber.The whole body is relaxed…………” etc. As her daughter I am very pleased. I can’t imagine in a year how active she will become to.We are very grateful for what Doug has done for us. If it wasn’t for his DVD, we would be still searching for the right exercise. I will encourage all elderly people to go to Doug if you have health concern. Once again I want to thank Doug from the bottom of my heart.”
Warm Regards


“This is just what I was looking for online”

Thank you for sharing this awesome information. Your site is great! This is just what I was looking for online. I look forward to hearing more in your newsletters! Thank you for all that you do!!! Make it an awesome day.”
Warm Regards

“I think the simple props make learning the exercises easy”

“Thank you for the Eldergym DVD’s. My Mom is enjoying them and finding that
she is improving. I initially looked for something to improve her balance
and she has been working with that DVD. The one that is really great is
Endurance. My mom suffers with severe vision loss due to Macular
Degeneration. Your verbal prompts are good. I coach her through the
routine the first time and she does them one her own from there on. I think
the simple props make learning the exercises easy.
Good job!

“Your directions are clear and easy to follow”

“You are a Blessing for me!!! I am feeling so much better with the exercises you have shared. Your directions are clear and easy to follow, and you voice soothing. Thank you!!”

“I have seen amazing results”

“Your simple basic strength building exercises do work. I have seen amazing results in just one month doing the exercises 3 to 5 times a week. For anyone on here it takes time and patience but the results are worth it. Exercise is so important. I recently had a crazy slip and fall accident and came crashing down on my right hip. Scary, since my right hip is arthritic. But it’s been a couple of weeks and not a sign of any damage. Exercise works. I have been doing it my entire life.Thank you for your valuable website.”

““elder” gym is just what I needed”

“Although I hate to admit it, “elder” gym is just what I needed. Good illustrations and the four week program with the page number for the xercise and number of reps for each week is wonderful. Thank you from a reluctant “elder.””



“For the first time ever, I am able to exercise regularly.”

“I have the chair workout and the balance. I have osteoporosis and have had fractures in the past. In addition, I have fibromyalgia. The exercises are great for me. For the first time ever, I am able to exercise regularly. I love the tapes and your way of teaching what to do. I don’t feel as though I am exercising alone.Thank you.”

” I need this kind of workout”

Wonderful information! I’m 69, have finally admitted to myself how sedentary I am and how much I need this kind of workout, and just started using some of these exercises yesterday and doing between four and eight reps of each as that’s all I can manage because that’s how limited I’ve become. Thank you and bless you for being so generous and putting these workouts out there for free so regardless of the financial limitations so many retirees have, we can all get more fit and healthier as we age.

“This is a wonderful service you have provided”

You have pulled together a beautiful page for elder citizens to learn exercises to keep them functional and vital. This is a wonderful service you have provided for the world community.
I am a personal trainer and have reviewed some of your links for best balance exercises and best stretches, etc. Very nice. Thanks. These will help me compile exercises for various individuals.

“commend you on your great website”

Hi Doug,
Just wanted to commend you on your great website, it has been a good resource for me as a new occupational therapist. I like how most of the exercises come in the ‘printer friendly’ format.
Thanks again,

“Yours is the first program that has made any sense”

I have been severely deconditioned for about 2/12 years due to cancer surg., anemia, asthma, and the list goes on. Yours is the first program that has made any sense or given me any hope of being able to accomplish it. I keep being sent to PT programs that I cannot do.

“We cannot be happier”

Hi Doug ,I want to thank you again for your wonderful dvds. My mom has used all of them. Arm strengthening is her favourite. She has been doing it for one year and her arms can stretch high without bending now. It benefits her whole body tremendously. We cannot be happier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

“Thank-you for the free download of your valuable resource”

Thank-you for the free download of your valuable resource, it is most generous of you. I am a retired nurse, and have always treasured being independent and physically active. I now have instability with my gait due to a left knee effusion and a calcium deposit in my right knee, where the tendons meet the kneecap. I have experienced moderate pain, stiffness and swelling in my knees for the past three months, upon walking but especially when navigating stairs downward. Once the knees are out of alignment, it affects the support structures, muscles and feet as everything works together in mobility. I have been attending physio and massage therapy, but I am really looking forward to using all your exercise programs, because I can see the benefits and hope to gain them with your holistic approach. Cheers to you and all those seniors you are supporting in “Healthy Aging”. God Bless!

“thanks to Doug for this fantastic site”

Just wanted to post a heartfelt thanks to Doug for this fantastic site and all the work he does for seniors! Seriously overweight but otherwise healthy at 75, I ordered the DVD set and began on September 1, 2016. I started counting calories while eating healthy, and use the DVDs (rotating them) and my exercise bike almost every day. I have lost twenty pounds and many inches, but this has also beneficially affected my sleep, my digestion, and my relationships. Yes, I get sore, but follow his suggestions about that; I look on my soreness as a badge of honor when it happens! I feel so much stronger, so much more flexible, and so proud of myself that the weight loss is just an added bonus, not the primary goal anymore. Doug is a wonderful person and deserves our thanks!

“I like how you focus on seniors”

Glad I came across your video. Started out in a gym which I think was too rigorous since I am recovering from spinal surgery. I like how you focus on seniors and their ability to keep at this with no pressure. Thanks so much!

“Thank you for your help”

Thank you Douglas
It is very generous of you to share these exercises
Recent arm injury diminished my total fitness
Not being able to dance or play tennis affected me greatly
I appreciate the small moves now versus my energetic life before
it is amazing how little incremental work is getting me back to life.
I really appreciate your work. Thank you for your help.
Kind regards

“all I can say is I LOVE THEM”

I just started using the DVDs and all I can say is I LOVE THEM. They’re easy to use and I started seeing results immediately. This is a wonderful program not only for “elders” but for anyone who hasn’t been active and needs a gentler way to shape up. Great program. -Tricia

“I have seen amazing results”

Your simple basic strength building exercises do work. I have seen amazing results in just one month doing the exercises 3 to 5 times a week. For anyone on here it takes time and patience but the results are worth it. Exercise is so important. I recently had a crazy slip and fall accident and came crashing down on my right hip. Scary, since my right hip is arthritic. But it’s been a couple of weeks and not a sign of any damage. Exercise works. I have been doing it my entire life.Thank you for your valuable website.

“your site is helping my life”

Doug…your site is helping my life. I was always strong as a bull..a jogger, athlete, etc. One day, at around the age of 62, I lost every ounce of strength I had. One doctor sent me to the next specialist then to the next. Of course insurance barely covered anything so I quit and took matters into my own hands. I changed my diet of junk food and low fat to no grains, sugar or processed food and added fats. It’s been slow but my job keeps me going and over the past 4 years I have been slowly regaining my self. Your strength exercises are great. Thank you for sharing. I just found them but I can see they will be very helpful. Thank you. Thank you.

“These exercises look easy and not too difficult”

Thank you! I’m 65 and have had many falls lately. In the street, at the clothesline, climbing stairs …its scary.
These exercises look easy and not too difficult… I have started today…will let you know how I go.
Many thanks Jill

“I think you have the answers to my problem”

I was looking for a site and found yours.I think you have the answers to my problem.I have a personal therapist online.

“and knowing I’m not alone”

I just found your site and am so glad I did! I’m only 61 but a series of surgeries and a husband who won’t walk because his neuropathy is too painful, have given me excuses not to exercise. Plus, it’s boring and makes me sweaty ? But I think your website, the ebook, and knowing I’m not alone, will get me back on the right track. Thank you so much!

“These exercises are a godsend”

These exercises are a godsend. They are so perfect and all encompassing! The format and videos are so user friendly and easy to refer back to over and over again. I am a PT and I use these over and over again for my patients for balance and as part of a Vestibular rehab program.

“You are an inspiration for all the elderly”

Thank you. You are an inspiration for all the elderly. Regular exercises does help maintain health and to complete daily routine without assistance. Appreciate all of your good work. May God bless you with the best of health and happiness
Regards Kumaresh

“It was completely by chance that I saw your unique book”

Dear Doug
First of all I appreciate you for sharing this valuable and unique book. I am a nurse, PhD student in nursing. I am working with burn patients and last night I was searching about ROM exercises for a 24 year old man with knee contraction. It was completely by chance that I saw your unique book. I couldn’t believe that I can have it by your kindness. Thank you so much.
sincerely Nastaran

“It was a God-send”

Doug, just want to say “thank you” for allowing me to find and use this program that you created. It was a God-send to find and your kindness to prepare and post such a program was most beautiful and generous. Joyce

“this is the best site I’ve ever found”

I just found your website yesterday. I needed something new for a home care patient for standing balance. I must say, this is the best site I’ve ever found. The videos along with pictures and explanations of all the exercises is just wonderful. I will be referring my fellow therapists to check it out. It’s great for families that are caregiver’s as well. Thank you!

“and outlook on life have improved tremendously”

Hi Doug! Thanks for the new ebook; it looks great. Love the way it is organized for easy use.
I wanted to tell you that I have lost 50 pounds in the last two years using the DVD exercise tapes I ordered from you, and that’s only part of the story…my energy, sleep, digestion, and outlook on life have improved tremendously, to the point that (at 77) I take no prescriptions meds at all, and only see my doctor for annual checkups. Thanks for all that — your DVDs made and are still making all the difference. By using the DVDs 3 to 5 times a week, I have lost several dress sizes, but still need to lose that last ten pounds to get down to my goal weight and goal size. Keep up the good work — thousands of us seniors are benefitting from it!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours!
Sandy Sawyer
Wichita Falls, Texas

“My younger friends were most impressed”

Am still working on my left shoulder and it is slowly getting better. Finally got through all the 90th Birthday parties and newspaper photos. I impressed a lot of folks with my ability to get up out of a chair with no arms on the chair. My younger friends were most impressed.
Am slowly doing the 4 week course but not sure I will ever get through it all…But am learning so much I thought I could never accomplish.
Have wet macular degeneration and have to go there Tuesday for my 2 month eyes checkup. Always something, but am so happy at the progress I am making in your 4 week course .. I’ll try and stick with it and let you know when I get there. Local hospital want’s me to take rehab for my balance and will see my physician in 4 weeks to see what he wants me to do. I think he will be so impressed with what your course has helped me do.
Will keep in touch.