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  • Anonymous says:

    Hello Doug,

    I am a University student doing a project on your website. Could you give me a brief description of why you think your website is the best for senior fitness?

    • Douglas Schrift says:

      Yes, certainly
      1. Created and maintained by Geriatric Certified Physical Therapist.
      2. Contains video demonstrations of strengthening exercises for all major muscle groups, along with stretching. Video models are themselves seniors, not athletes.
      3. Seniors can download free 4 week exercise program designed by a Physical Therapist.
      4. Offers a private members only area, Eldergym Academy, with additional courses, expert workshops, live Q&A, and private senior community.

  • Sanda Bossy says:

    I downloaded your ebook, but cannot see a readable version of it. How do I go about it?

    • Doug Schrift says:

      1. First, make sure you have Adobe reader on your computer. Most newer computers will have it already installed. You can download it at this address.

      2. After you download the ebook, it will automatically download to your browser which may take a minute or so before it appears on your screen.

      3. The ebook is now on your browser. You must now save it to your desktop. To do this, you must find the “save icon” either at the top left of the screen or (on the latest version of Adobe reader), it floats at the bottom of the page in the middle and appears when your cursor floats over it.

      4. Once you save it, it will be permanently on your computer in pdf. format and not on your browser anymore.

      5. Now you can view the ebook at any time

      Let me know if this helps.

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