Elderly Exercise Equipment For Seniors

Finding elderly exercise equipment at home doesn’t require a lot of investment.  All you really need is a sturdy armless dining room or kitchen chair and a few weights.

Unless you really have your heart set on that new all purpose gym from Sears!

More than likely though that expensive piece of electrical equipment will be in your garage serving as a clothes hanger in a few short months.

Make sure you have appropriate athletic type shoes that offer good support. These would include  walking or running shoes.  Your clothing should also be comfortable and loose fitting.

Basic set up

chairAn armless chair is essential to begin your exercises.  It not only gives you a place to rest, but also a firm object to hold on to when performing elderly balance exercises, elderly flexibility exercises, elderly posture exercises and elderly breathing exercises.

Picture103A 2 pound, 3 pound, 5 pound weight  will likely serve the needs of most older adult exercisers.  Take a look at our elderly strength page to begin.

Arms: Try starting with 2 pounds. This is usually tolerated by most seniors. Women can safely train up to 5 pounds and men can safely train up to 8 pounds for the upper body.

Legs: Our legs are fairly heavy and may not require additional weight. If you choose to use weights for the legs, use ankle weights.

Seniors can usually safely start with 1 pound ankle weights. Work up to 3 pounds if you are tolerating the weight well and can do at least 15 to 20 repetitions comfortably.

You can use a water bottle or can of soup to lift if you don’t have weights.

Take a look at our how to get started page for exercise for the elderly for complete senior and elderly information on beginning an exercise program and what elderly exercise equipment you will need.

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  1. If you have mobility or balance issues, there are also exercise chairs available. For instance, Chairmaster provides plenty of different ways to build strength and improve mobility, including a built-in and easily stored exercise bike. http://www.chairmaster.com/
    The price is a bit more than just getting physio bands and light weights, but if you or your loved ones are concerned about falling or injury, this is a great investment.

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