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Are you losing your balance or feeling wobbly when walking?

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With over 30,000 downloads, by seniors, health professionals, fitness educators and instructors, this is one of the most popular free senior ebooks anywhere!

  • Haven't exercised in a while?
  • Is it harder to get up those stairs?
  • Are you leaning on the shopping cart when going around the supermarket and still huffing and puffing
  • If you answered yes then you are on the right page.
As a therapist I work one-on-one with seniors for a variety of rehabilitation needs including strokes, joint replacements, fractures, balance decline, and simple de-conditioning.

After getting many, many emails from senior visitors to my site asking for a way to download the exercises they find here, I decided the easiest thing to do was make an ebook that contains all the exercises listed I have put all the exercises you will find on our website, over 80 along with instructions, in an amazing FREE ebook.

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Start getting stronger and more balanced TODAY! Subscribe to my email list in the right sidebar to instantly download my FREE senior exercise ebook made especially for YOU! Get over 80 exercises for all major muscles, plus balance exercises and a 4 week exercise program with how-to video links. Join over 30,000 seniors, fitness instructors, and health professionals.

Remember, I’ve also included a Bonus 4 week exercise program in the ebook that you can follow to make sure you get the most out of the website videos.

Every day I see the results of inactivity.

To maintain your independence you MUST stay active! If you are looking at this page, you can rest assured I have worked with someone just like you, helping to building strength, flexibility and balance. Give it a try, and get my free ebook today! Warm Regards Doug Schrift PT

What if I Have Problems Downloading The ebook?

Don’t worry, I have had thousands of downloads. The download is secure, easy and absolutely 100% FREE!. It is an e-book pure and simple, nothing else. I know you will be delighted to get it! If you still are having problems getting your ebook, please contact me at my contact page.

What If I want a real copy of the ebook?

The ebook is available in hard copy from Amazon. It is the same ebook as the download. Unfortunately, the book is in black and white and the pictures are not as good. In other words, the download is better. The ebook download is also interactive. At the end of the ebook is the workout program which is linked to the videos online.  But if you still don’t want to print out the free ebook click here to order your hard copy at cost from Amazon. Currently about $3.95


  1. Thank-you for the free download of your valuable resource, it is most generous of you. I am a retired nurse, and have always treasured being independent and physically active. I now have instability with my gait due to a left knee effusion and a calcium deposit in my right knee, where the tendons meet the kneecap. I have experienced moderate pain, stiffness and swelling in my knees for the past three months, upon walking but especially when navigating stairs downward. Once the knees are out of alignment, it affects the support structures, muscles and feet as everything works together in mobility. I have been attending physio and massage therapy, but I am really looking forward to using all your exercise programs, because I can see the benefits and hope to gain them with your holistic approach. Cheers to you and all those seniors you are supporting in “Healthy Aging”. God Bless!

    1. You are welcome! Remember to start slowly with any new program to prevent soreness, muscle pulls, and over tiredness. Good luck!

  2. Although I hate to admit it, “elder” gym is just what I needed. Good illustrations and the four week program with the page number for the xercise and number of reps for each week is wonderful. Thank you from a reluctant “elder.”

  3. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your eBook. My father has been dealing with depression and lack of motivation since my mom passed. He has fallen several times in the last 6 weeks and does not like being in a rehab facility. Now that I have found your book I am going to get him back home and exercise with him to regain strength so he can feel independent….. Thank you so very much, you have helped us more than you can ever know.

    1. You are welcome. Activity is the key to staying independent and healthy as we age. Start slowly and build up leg strength and balance. The good thing about exercise, is that it increases your confidence which helps with depression. Good luck.

  4. I don’t see a link to sign up for the ebook. I’m using a smartphone so that might be the problem. I’m so glad to have found your website to help my elderly parents regain mobility. Please guide me to finding the ebook.

  5. I am 82, I am keen to try your exercises, they all say breathe in through the nose. I have a bent septum, which makes it difficult to breathe through my nose. I can’t have an operation, as I have a blood disorder, which can cause blood clots. Can I do these exercises, whilst breathing through my mouth.

    1. Yes you can certainly breathe in through your mouth. The main point is to breathe while you are exercising. When we breathe through our nose, the air is filtered, warmed and humidified. This is the reason we are always reminded to breathe in through your nose.

    2. If you physically cannot get enough air while bathing through your nose because of your septum, yes by all means breathe through your mouth. Try breathing through pursed lips, slowly and fully. Perhaps that would help.

  6. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!!I appreciate the efforts this must have taken you to compile and put it on line for any and all of us. I have been using the upper body stretches for 4 days now and am beginning to have less pain between my shoulder blades.

  7. I’m a third year PT student, and I was looking up some things to put together a program for my grandparents and I just wanted to say how excellent I think this book and your entire site is. Thank you!

  8. Thankyou for the e-book, I appreciate the free gift but I am looking for a DVD on breathing exercises, if you can help!

  9. I tried to download your ebooks a number of times but I haven’t succeeded. My screen keeps on showing, “This website is not available.” What do I do next? Please help me.

    1. First, sign up to the email list above., entering your email address and first name. Then click on “Get your free ebook now” link. That will open up the download page. Then click on the download button. The ebook should open up and you will be able to save it to your computer. Let me know if that helps.

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