Balance A to Z

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Note: This course is for inactive seniors, seniors that have never exercised, and seniors with age-related balance loss.  If your balance is poor, see your doctor for a fall assessment and prevention program, including a home safety evaluation and medication check.

This course contains 8 video lessons. 

  1. Understanding Balance
  2. Why We Fall
  3. Self Assessment Test
  4. Finding Our Center
  5. Sensory Training
  6. Postural Strategies
  7. Motion Training
  8. Strength Training


In this course you will learn about our center of gravity and its influence on our balance. You will learn how to maintain better upright posture whether seated or standing. You will need 1. a foam pad, and 2. stability ball or stability disc for this class. Get the disc if your balance is poor or you are afraid of falling off the stability ball. The disc can be placed on a chair for safe and easy use. Get the stability ball if your balance is average and you are not afraid of falling off the ball, would like more challenge and to progress more with the class . You may substitute a pillow for the disc and foam pad and get started with the class today if needed. You will also need a 3. Pilates ball, 4. step, and 5. paperback book.

Your HeightStability Ball Size (Diameter in centimetres)
Below 65 inchesSmall 38-45 cm
65 to 68 inchesMedium 48-55 cm
69 to 79 inchesLarge 58-65 cm
76 to 81 inchesX-Large 68-75 cm
82 inches and tallerXX-Large 78-85 cm
Ball Sizing Chart

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Course Curriculum

Start Next Lesson Understanding Balance
Introduction to Balance
How to Balance
Training Strategies
Strength Training