Ready To Become A Strong And Stable Senior?

If you are looking for one of the best exercise resources for seniors and the elderly on the web, you found it!

I’m ready. Let’s get started!

Make sure to download my FREE ebook to begin your 4 week senior exercise program using all these great exercises!

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1. Start with posture

First let’s learn correct posture before you start in order to help maximize the benefits of exercise. Watch our 6 posture videos for important exercises.

2. Breathing

Review the proper techniques of breathing to improve your lung function and energy level. This video will show you how.

3. Flexibility

Increase your flexibility to allow full motion in your shoulders, hips, and legs with these exercises. Watch our 24 upper and lower body stretching videos for valuable instruction.

4. Strength

Build strength in the arms, legs and back to greatly enhance your functional independence with our 24 upper and lower body strengthening videos.

5. Endurance

Gain endurance and improve your ability to walk and participate in energetic social activities like dancing and nature outings.

6. Balance

Develop better balance to increase your safety and help prevent falls. Watch the 12 best balance exercise videos now.

You can do it!

This website will help you to discover the revitalizing power of exercise; inspire you to feel more energized, and ready for your day; help you to get rid of those negative thoughts about your age, health conditions or physical body; teach you how to achieve real and objective goals with activities that you enjoy doing;and encourage you to take genuine steps toward health and happiness.

“Why am I so weak?”

Picture54As a Physical Therapist I have many senior and elderly patients who are referred from their doctor because they have fallen, are having trouble standing up, or just can’t function as well as they used to. What is the problem? Generally it is inactivity.

Studies have shown that it only takes a few days of lying in bed to start losing your strength, flexibility and balance.

Once this happens you are at risk of beginning the downward spiral. What is the downward spiral you ask?

The Downward Spiral

Picture62Well, let’s say you are feeling under the weather one day.

You are retired so end up spending a few days in bed or on the recliner watching TV.

After a while the chores start piling up. Finally you get up one morning and… “oops” lose your balance — falling on the floor!

If your hip is not broken you likely have a nasty bump somewhere.

The pain causes you to spend more time in bed… day by day getting weaker and weaker. Then out comes the cane or walker.

You begin to go outside of the house less and less because it is harder to walk.

Daily chores and activities become increasingly more difficult like cooking, shopping and taking a shower. You spend more time in the recliner and bed.

Well…you get the picture.

Moral of the story? Yes, you guessed it…Use your head…don’t stay in bed!

“I’m worried about my mom and dad”

Picture12On the other hand, maybe you are the child of an elderly adult. When your parents live alone and are inactive, you may worry about him or her falling at home.

This is often a big concern of family members.

Exercising and staying active will improve their chances of staying safe.

Staying active, sensibly exercising and following a healthy lifestyle can add years of productive and functional living to your life.

Explore our site for helpful information and exercise videos to start your journey to greater strength and better balance with exercise for seniors and the elderly.

Where do I begin?

Well, it took a while to get in the shape you are in. Remember to take small steps in the beginning. No need to hurry. Your body requires from 4 to 6 weeks to become accustomed to a new activity or exercise program.

This is true especially if you have been inactive for a long time.

Try exercising for a few minutes a day at first. Gradually build up to 30 minutes twice a week.

From there try exercising 3 days per week as your strength and endurance improves.

Make sure to download my FREE ebook to begin your 4 week senior exercise program using all these great exercises!

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Donna Schwartzkopf says February 8, 2019

Is there any way to know how many calories are burned in week 1 of the program?

    Coach Doug says February 11, 2019

    Calories burned is mostly your weight and how long you exercise, and the type of exercise. For example, if your weight is 150 pounds, and time is 30 minutes. Light exercise 55 kCal, moderate exercise 91 kCal, hard exercise 173 kCal.

Carrie Wardecki says January 7, 2019

I did not receive day 5 of the 5 day challenge. Loved your 20 minute challenge videos.

    Coach Doug says January 7, 2019

    Yes, here are the youtube links to the 5 day challenge

    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5

Rosa says December 28, 2018

Hi I have severe osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis I was told that I need two knee replacements which is hard to get up off that couch or chair after sitting for 15 minutes so I would appreciate any suggestions to help.

    Coach Doug says December 30, 2018

    Yes, that is a very challenging condition to have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. You will need coordinated care from your doctor and other health professionals like physical therapists. The exercises in my free ebook are senior friendly and a good place to start. You can sign up in the right sidebar.

Munro Merrick says November 27, 2018

Do you think there are parts of your program that my wife could handle? She is 88, has severe arthritis, and moves very, VERY slowly, and has hammer toes. Could not get out of bed last week, but can get out of bed and out of a chair now. Her fingers are arthritic as well, and I am trying to get her to do some finger exercises. Would appreciate any comments and suggestions you might have.

    Coach Doug says November 27, 2018

    Yes, you can use my senior fitness ebook which has a 4 week program. Just sign up on the right hand column. This is an easy program for seniors even if they have never exercised before. You may also ask your doctor for a referral to physical therapy to get a more individualized program of strengthening.

Elspeth Case says November 22, 2018


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