Ready To Become Stronger And More Independent?

If you are looking for one of the best exercise resources for seniors and the elderly on the web, you found it!

I’m ready. Let’s get started!

Make sure to download my FREE ebook to begin your 4 week senior exercise program using all these great exercises!

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1. Start with posture

First let’s learn correct posture before you start in order to help maximize the benefits of exercise. Watch our 6 posture videos for important exercises.

2. Breathing

Review the proper techniques of breathing to improve your lung function and energy level. This video will show you how.

3. Flexibility

Increase your flexibility to allow full motion in your shoulders, hips, and legs with these exercises. Watch our 24 upper and lower body stretching videos for valuable instruction.

4. Strength

Build strength in the arms, legs and back to greatly enhance your functional independence with our 24 upper and lower body strengthening videos.

5. Endurance

Gain endurance and improve your ability to walk and participate in energetic social activities like dancing and nature outings.

6. Balance

Develop better balance to increase your safety and help prevent falls. Watch the 12 best balance exercise videos now.

You can do it!

This website will help you to discover the revitalizing power of exercise; inspire you to feel more energized, and ready for your day; help you to get rid of those negative thoughts about your age, health conditions or physical body; teach you how to achieve real and objective goals with activities that you enjoy doing;and encourage you to take genuine steps toward health and happiness.

“Why am I so weak?”

Picture54As a Physical Therapist I have many senior and elderly patients who are referred from their doctor because they have fallen, are having trouble standing up, or just can’t function as well as they used to. What is the problem? Generally it is inactivity.

Studies have shown that it only takes a few days of lying in bed to start losing your strength, flexibility and balance.

Once this happens you are at risk of beginning the downward spiral. What is the downward spiral you ask?

The Downward Spiral

Picture62Well, let’s say you are feeling under the weather one day.

You are retired so end up spending a few days in bed or on the recliner watching TV.

After a while the chores start piling up. Finally you get up one morning and… “oops” lose your balance — falling on the floor!

If your hip is not broken you likely have a nasty bump somewhere.

The pain causes you to spend more time in bed… day by day getting weaker and weaker. Then out comes the cane or walker.

You begin to go outside of the house less and less because it is harder to walk.

Daily chores and activities become increasingly more difficult like cooking, shopping and taking a shower. You spend more time in the recliner and bed.

Well…you get the picture.

Moral of the story? Yes, you guessed it…Use your head…don’t stay in bed!

“I’m worried about my mom and dad”

Picture12On the other hand, maybe you are the child of an elderly adult. When your parents live alone and are inactive, you may worry about him or her falling at home.

This is often a big concern of family members.

Exercising and staying active will improve their chances of staying safe.

Staying active, sensibly exercising and following a healthy lifestyle can add years of productive and functional living to your life.

Explore our site for helpful information and exercise videos to start your journey to greater strength and better balance with exercise for seniors and the elderly.

Where do I begin?

Well, it took a while to get in the shape you are in. Remember to take small steps in the beginning. No need to hurry. Your body requires from 4 to 6 weeks to become accustomed to a new activity or exercise program.

This is true especially if you have been inactive for a long time.

Try exercising for a few minutes a day at first. Gradually build up to 30 minutes twice a week.

From there try exercising 3 days per week as your strength and endurance improves.

Make sure to download my FREE ebook to begin your 4 week senior exercise program using all these great exercises!

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  • Barbara Gerber says:

    Hi Doug love your site. My mother is at my house now and really needs this Thank you. I know the book is free and out lines the programs but I was excited to hear you have DVD’s. Can you send me the link or address to order them? Thank you and God Bless you for caring enough to help us boomers take good care of our parents!! Barb

  • Anonymous says:

    How can I get your dvds how long does it take to arrive

  • Gary Delligatti says:

    I started to listen to your podcast, and one the first episode you mentioned that you were starting a website about walking, have you done that, and if so, can you share the address?

  • Chris Garner says:

    Hi there, I signed up my email address to receive the free ebook but I haven’t received it yet. Any help?


    • Doug Schrift says:

      Yes, I will resend the email for you to download the ebook. Thank you for your interest in Eldergym senior fitness ebook.

  • Vivien says:

    I have frozen shoulders especially the left one, cannot lift to full length. Also, I cannot find the round wand used ion the flexibility exercises.

  • Amelia Vaughn says:

    Great resource! I’m looking forward to sharing with my patients. (PT in acute and rehab settings)

  • Colleen Angell says:

    I just found your website yesterday. I needed something new for a home care patient for standing balance. I must say, this is the best site I’ve ever found. The videos along with pictures and explanations of all the exercises is just wonderful. I will be referring my fellow therapists to check it out. It’s great for families that are caregiver’s as well. Thank you!

  • Carla says:

    Hi, Doug,

    Have you worked with polio survvivors? After a stupid lapse, I’m back into eldergym at 70 and can’t say enough about how much I’m loving it & how much good it’s doing me. I wish my 73 y.o. hubby would do a bit of it. Unfortunately, he had polio at age six. He’s got scoliosis, right leg under-developed, and little use of his arms. He does a recumbent bike routine a few times a week recommended by a doctor friend who’s our health go-to-guy, but he’s had quite a few falls in his life and can’t catch himself with his arms, so a few head knocks. I’d love for him to try those eldergym exercises he could do (your dvd set is stalled in Sydney but should get to Adelaide eventually), but I’m terrified of him expiring from overuse from post-polio syndrome so don’t push him to do anything more than our friend recommended.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated,

    • Doug Schrift says:

      Yes, post-polio symptoms are challenging, especially when you have overcome childhood polio and have been stable for so many years.Post-polio is an increase in weakness which is believed to be caused by deterioration of polio affected nerve cells. This requires you to put more thought into your exercise program. it is a balance between, not exercising at all, and exercising too much. I feel most people fall into the not exercise enough category. This is when your body declines due to disuse. If you have post polio syndrome, I recommend getting a specialized exercise program from your local physical therapist or “physiotherapist” as they say down under. After you have learned the program you can continue this program independently at home. The most important thing the therapist will determine is your tolerance and response from the exercise so you will have the proper balance of strength, endurance, and stretching. My Chair program and balance program are easy and should not be a problem at all. The complete senior dvd program will be something to work towards as it is more strenuous. And don’t worry, you dvds will arrive soon. Good luck and God Bless.

      • Carla says:

        Thanks, Doug. Good advice and much appreciated. Sorry to comment about the dvd delay, but though it’s a pretty common occurrence with the post here, Oz being the same size as the continental USA, but with far fewer people and thus less infrastructure, I couldn’t help being exited and impatient. I’m keen to get into the dvds myself and also have a friend who recently had the incredibly bad luck to lose a lower leg in an extremely rare knee replacement complication, and want to check out the chair exercises and see if she’s interested. She does seated qigong & tai chi but like me, probably not enough on a regular basis to give the results eldergym gives. Anyway, thanks again, for the online program, the dvds, that undoubtedly have helped so many older folks, and for your kind advice about my husband’s post-polio situation.

        All the best, Carla

  • Anonymous says:

    How can i get some kind of a print out sheet to show the exercises i can do oon a daily basis

    • Doug Schrift says:

      You can sign up for my free 4 week exercise program at the top of this page. Then download the exercises on your computer to print out.

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