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Chemotherapy and Leg Weakness

Hiya, could do with a bit of help! My mum is currently going through chemotherapy and has dvt, she’s having daily injections for blood thinning (one they’ve said she’ll have to have for life!) Her legs have swollen and are back to normal but her thighs are still heavy. This is the only thing keeping her housebound, weakness in legs. She wants to build up the strength in her legs, what exercises can she do? Chemotherapy can attack good cells Yes, chemotherapy is pretty much like drinking poison. It can attack the good cells as well as the cancer...

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My Golden Rule for Senior Athletes

72 yo male in very good aerobic shape (swimmer)… I started weight lifting to maintain strength. I started with enough weight in each exercise to just make a set of 10 reps. Ended up with generalized soreness and achy feeling all over. What is the proper way to back off enough to avoid the negative after effects while still getting some benefit from the lifting routine? –Terry   The first thing I like to get out of the way when speaking with seniors that exercise is to consider yourself an athlete. What? I am 75 years old! How can...

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Best Exercise to Stay Fit into your 80’s

Hi! Thank you for your site and information. My father is 85 years old and is having difficulty with circulation (resulting in swollen legs), bone on bone knee issues/arthritis, weakness/shakiness when walking and occasional dizziness. His arm muscles are getting smaller – he was always a healthy strapping man he had bypass surgery several years ago and is on no drugs except Coumadin. What type of exercises and advice can you recommend that would help him gain arm strength and leg strength considering knee pain and stiffness is a problem. He uses a rollator and the only place he...

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Exercise for Seniors After Heart Surgery

This week Sheldon asks, “hi, what kind of exercises can the elderly perform to improve their heart conditions after heart surgery or with PAD?” Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America and there are over 500,000 coronary bypass procedures every year.  I see many seniors after open heart surgery, including bypass surgery and valve repair or replacement surgery. That is why exercise for seniors after heart surgery is so important. By far the biggest complaint of these seniors is just how much fatigue and weakness they feel.  Heart surgery is a huge trauma to your body....

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Muscle Stiffness After Exercise

Today we have a great question from Sue Mitchel on muscle stiffness and what to do about it. Thanks for the great question. It reminds me of my somewhat comical and dry response when I see children playing, rolling on the ground, and doing cartwheels. I usually say, “Wow, look what you can do when your body is all cartilage.” …Ahh, to be young again! So what is muscle stiffness? Muscle stiffness is certainly an issue with all exercisers, but becomes especially noticeable as we age. Our muscles tend to lose elasticity over the years mostly due to increased...

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“Dear Doug,
Just wanted to say thank you for your ebook of exercises for seniors. Lots of free things offered on the web are worthless. Your ebook has inspired me and helped me to begin an exercise program that I’ve been able to stick with. Thank you for making this resource available.”

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